About Us



About Us

Formtek steel forging was established in 1994. Our company carry out activity in İstanbul/ Silivri with a total area of 7500m2 including 3500 m2 open and 4000 m2 closed is a steel forging factory which has mold, machining and forging.

Our company has a manufacturing capasity of 600 tons per month and produces parts 0,2 kg. between 50 kg. in different lenghts and tolerances for automotive, mining, railway, agriculture and building sectors. FORMTEK Steel Forging has been the collaborator of many customers from various sectors  domestically and internationally.

Quality manufacturing on time delivery and competitive price is our company’s top priority.

By being the conscious of importance of technology utilization, quality mentality and customer expectations , FORMTEK Steel Forging  takes firm steps forward to do the best and become a  well-known global brand.

Upon requests of customers, forged parts are machined  in FORMTEK Steel Forging's  large and capable machining park, then dispatched as being ready for assembly.